Light Bulb Print Lanterns

Light Bulb Print Lanterns:

What you'll need:
- printer
- paper
- light bulb picture
- tape
- small jar
- candle

How to do it:
1. Choose your light bulb pictures.
Mine were:

2. Print them out.

3. Now roll the paper into a cylinder shape and tape it shut.

4. Use your small jar to hold the candle this way it won't burn the paper.



Lemon Seed Indoor Plant

Lemon Seed Indoor Plant:

What you'll need:

- Lemon (seeds)
- Water
- Pot
- Pebbles

How to do it:

1. Soak lemons seeds overnight.

2. Gently remove outer layer of seeds.

3. Put back into water as you prepare soil.

4. Plant lemon seeds in a circle.

5. Place small pebbles on top of seeds.

6. Water occasionally and watch it grow.


Stone Necklace

Stone necklace:

What you'll need:

- a stone of your choice
- thin wire
- necklace chain

How to do it:
1. Start by wrapping the chain.

2. Once you've finished wrapping it, make a little hook using the tip of the wire.

3. Hook your necklace chain to the wrapped stone.



DIY "Antiques" Sign

DIY "Antiques" Sign:

I recently bought a really cheap plank of fake wood at a dollar store thinking I'd have loads of cool ideas to use it. Turns out I don't have all the materials at home to create some of my ideas. So, with what I had at my dispositions, I made a vintage "Antiques" sign and it turned out pretty nice.

What you'll need:
- plank of wood
- printed Antiques sign (I made mine on Word)
- pencil
- black paint
- marker
- ruler

How to do it:

1. Print out your "Antiques"sign. Mine was made on Word. For some reason my N wouldn't want to print out so I drew it myself therefor the N is smaller than the other letters.

2. We are going to do a graphite transfer just like the Moon Phase Wall Art.
Turn the printed side over so that it's face down and with a pencil scribble along the border of each letter.

3. Now place the template face up and with your pencil go around the letters again. They should appear on the plank.

4. Go around the letters one more time with your marker to make it more visible when you paint.

5. With the black paint fill in the letters.

6. Add whatever decoration you want and go over it with sandpaper.
Now you can display it!

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