Here is a tutorial for one of my favourite techniques using Photoshop!

What you'll need:
- photoshop
- a picture of a person (celebrity, character, yourself...)
- a few watercolour textures

How to do it:

1. Start by opening up a blank page (new document). This will be your background.

2. Open up your chosen image of a person. Copy and Paste this image onto your 

3. Adjust the brightness of your image. Image > Adjustments > Brightness/Contrast

4. Now duplicate this layer and rename it "watercolour/watercolor".

5. Go to Filter > Artistic > Watercolour and adjust the level.

6. To your original image which will now be called "Threshold" go to Image > Adjustments > Threshold and adjust the level. Set the blending option to "Multiply".

7. Merge the "Watercolour" layer and the "Threshold" layer. I forgot to rename my merged layer, so on the image it is still called "watercolour".

8. Copy and Paste your watercolour textures onto the document. Set all of the blending options to "Multiply". This layer should be Layer 2.

9. Go back to your now merged layer and click Ctrl A and Ctrl C.

10. Create a "Layer Mask" for Layer 2 and press Alt and click on the Layer Mask. You should now have a blank document.

11. Click on Ctrl V then Ctrl I. Your image should look like this:

12. Click on your layer 2 for the watercolour textures to appear. You can now delete your merged layer. Set the blending option to Linear Burn and voila! All done!

I made this little edit using this technique. It came out like this:

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