Sunday, 20 August 2017

Dragon Fruit Smoothie Bowl

Dragon Fruit Smoothie Bowl

Smoothie bowls are the perfect breakfast, dessert or snack. They taste delicious and make you feel amazing. Smoothie bowls are very trendy and we can see why.
Here is my recipe for a dragon fruit smoothie bowl:


- Dragon Fruit (Red & White)
- Mango
- Kiwi
- 1 Banana
- Flax Seeds
- Granola Bites
- Almond Milk (Coconut flavour)

How to make it:

1. In your blender, add in all your chopped fruits and blend. 

2. Add in the almond milk and blend again until very smooth.

3. Pour your smoothie into a bowl and top with fruits, seeds and granola.

4. I started with the flax seeds and the granola. For my bowl, I used about 4 small granola bites, 2 of which I cut into little pieces. I continued with the kiwi, mango pieces, dragon fruit and sprinkled some more flax seed over them. 

For this recipe, I used fresh fruit because I prefer the smoother texture but you may also use frozen fruits if you want it thicker. 

And that is all! Dig in and don't forget to take photos!


Thursday, 3 August 2017

DIY Distressed & Bleached T-Shirt

Two years later and I am back with another DIY for you...

DIY Distressed & Bleached T-Shirt

What you'll need:

- T-Shirt (I got mine at a Japanese recycle shop for $1.25)
- fabric scissors
- razor (optional)
- spray bottle
- bleach

This is the t-shirt I chose:

How to do it:

1. For this DIY, make sure to do it on an even surface away from anything you are afraid might get stained by the bleach. So stay away from any antiques!

2. I started off by cutting a small V shape into the t-shirt. There was already a small V beneath the neckline on my t-shirt so all I had to do was cut it out.

3. Once I did this, I proceeded to put little and big holes in the t-shirt to give it that distressed look. I used the scissors to make the holes and made sure to stretch out the bigger holes with my fingers to make it look ripped rather than cut.

4. I continued distressing the t-shirt with the scissors to create rips. You may also use the razor for this part.

5. Once I was happy with the distressed look, I put the bleach in a small spray bottle and sprayed the bleach on the different parts of the t-shirt. I also chose to spill some bleach onto the shirt making bigger stains. The bleach stains should appear immediately.

6. I soaked the t-shirt in cold water to stop the bleach from bleeding through too much and then I let it dry overnight.

And you should have a lovely distressed t-shirt ready to show-off the next day!

Let me know if you tried this DIY in the comments.


Monday, 21 December 2015

Potato Print Stamping

Potato Print Stamping:


What you'll need:
- Linen
- White fabric paint - Brushes ( thin and thick) - Potatoes - A small sharp knife to cut out the pattern - Chalk for blackboards

How to do it:
1. Start by drawing the pattern on the linen with chalk. Chalk is good to use for it can easily be rubbed off later.

2. Split the potatoes in two and cut out the leaf pattern. You can choose to vary the size of the leaves.

3. You can now start stamping. Feel free to put something beneath the linen in case the paint bleeds through. Dip your potato or with the thick brush paint the potato with the white paint and softly press it onto the fabric.

4. Use the thin brush to paint the branches.

You are very likely to put paint everywhere so make sure you are well covered and put a plastic cover over the table to avoid any paint marks.

IMG_6835 IMG_6896

IMG_6927 IMG_7004

IMG_7018 IMG_7040

IMG_7048 IMG_7103

That is all!

Taken from the gorgeous website:

Thursday, 26 November 2015

Books! Books! Books!

Hello everyone! Wow! Wow! Wow! I have not been on my blog for a while which is absolutely terrible of me. Sorry :(
Anyway I'm back for now, unfortunately I cannot say that I will be back for good. I might be able to post once in a while whenever I have time even though right now is definitely not a good time with having to complete my university applications. For all those who have been following me and who continue following me, thank you for putting up with my tardiness. I'll do my best to post as much as possible. I'll try and post a DIY in a bit but for now I decided to share with you some of my IG pictures. I own a bookish account on instagram where I spend most of my time. I thoroughly enjoy the book community and take tremendous pleasure in photoshooting my library. Here are some of the my bookstagram pictures!

If you wish to follow my account on IG:

Let me know in the comments if you have read or wish to read any of the books shown in the photos above. :) 

(These are some of my absolute favourites as well!)

Saturday, 4 July 2015

Watercolour Effect with Photoshop

Watercolour Effect with Photoshop:

Here is a tutorial for one of my favourite techniques using Photoshop!

What you'll need:
- photoshop
- a picture of a person (celebrity, character, yourself...)
- a few watercolour textures

How to do it:

1. Start by opening up a blank page (new document). This will be your background.

2. Open up your chosen image of a person. Copy and Paste this image onto your 

3. Adjust the brightness of your image. Image > Adjustments > Brightness/Contrast

4. Now duplicate this layer and rename it "watercolour/watercolor".

5. Go to Filter > Artistic > Watercolour and adjust the level.

6. To your original image which will now be called "Threshold" go to Image > Adjustments > Threshold and adjust the level. Set the blending option to "Multiply".

7. Merge the "Watercolour" layer and the "Threshold" layer. I forgot to rename my merged layer, so on the image it is still called "watercolour".

8. Copy and Paste your watercolour textures onto the document. Set all of the blending options to "Multiply". This layer should be Layer 2.

9. Go back to your now merged layer and click Ctrl A and Ctrl C.

10. Create a "Layer Mask" for Layer 2 and press Alt and click on the Layer Mask. You should now have a blank document.

11. Click on Ctrl V then Ctrl I. Your image should look like this:

12. Click on your layer 2 for the watercolour textures to appear. You can now delete your merged layer. Set the blending option to Linear Burn and voila! All done!

I made this little edit using this technique. It came out like this: