Stained Glass Iphone Case

So today I will be showing you how I made this Stitch Stained Glass Iphone case. I had a clear case lying around waiting to be decorated. I wasn't sure what I wanted on the case until I saw these Disney themed stained glass on Pinterest and I was like "Yeah! That's what I want!"
I gathered my Sharpies and got to work.

What You'll Need:

- clear Iphone Case
- colourful Sharpies
- black marker
- stained glass image you would like to copy
- white paper

This is the image I used because I love Stitch. I do not own this image and I do not know who it belongs to so if it yours, please let me know so that I can give you credit:

How To Do It:

1. I started off by outlining the image onto my white sheet of paper like so. I didn't copy the image exactly as I wanted to change it up a bit to fit the dimensions of the case.

2. Grab your case and place the back of it onto your drawing. I secured mine with blue tack that way the case wouldn't slide off while I colour it in.

3. I drew the outlines onto the case first using a black marker and then coloured each piece in using different shades of colours. I improvised a bit for certain parts of the drawing such as the yellow coloured sand which does not appear on my initial drawing. Let it dry for a bit and then place it on your phone.

And voila! You have a brand new Iphone case!



Today I will be sharing with you a very simple recipe for eggs-in-a-hole. Perfect for breakfast or snack time, it can be eaten on its own or as a sandwich.

Note: This is also a perfect recipe for Valentine's day 💕. Opt for a heart-shaped pastry cutter instead of a round one and surprise your loved one with a beautiful and tasty breakfast in bed!

What you'll need: (serves 2)

- 2 slices of bread (4 for sandwich)
- 2 eggs
- salt
- butter
- non-stick pan
- round pastry cutter or a glass

How to do it:

1. Start by cutting the holes out of your bread. I used a glass as I did not have a circle cutter. Meanwhile heat up your pan.

2. Your bread should look like this. For the sandwich, do not cut any holes into your two other slices.

3. Once your pan is hot, add some butter. Wait till the butter is melted then place your bread in the pan.

4. Wait till your bread becomes a golden colour before flipping it over.

5. Now that you've flipped your bread over, add a bit more butter in the hole where your egg will be cooked.

6. Crack your egg like so and add salt for flavour. Cover your pan and wait approx. 2 minutes till your egg is cooked and the bottom of the bread is golden. Repeat with your second slice of bread. For the sandwich, simply place your bread in the pan and cook till both sides are golden. This will be the base of your sandwich. Simply prepare your sandwich as you normally would, placing the slice with the egg at the top. I used German Salami for mine but bacon is another great option.

And there you have it, a delicious Egg-in-a-Hole! Don't hesitate to share photos of your egg-in-a-hole in the comments.

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