DIY Watercolor Map with Photoshop

DIY Watercolor Map with Photoshop:

What you'll need:

- Photoshop
- Watercolor drawings 
- The outline of a map (World Map, United States, Continents...)

How to do it:

1. Find the outline of a map. I chose to do the world map.

2. Find your watercolor drawings:


3. In Photoshop, open two tabs, one with the map and one with the watercolor drawing. Make sure the map is in RGB Color Mode by clicking "Image", "Mode" and "RGB Color". This will make the watercolor picture come out in colors when it is paste onto the map.

4. On your watercolor picture, at the top choose "Select" then click "All". Go to "Edit" and click "Copy".

5. Go back to the map and use your magnetic lasso tool. To do so, press and hold the lasso tool and select the magnetic one. 

6. With the magnetic lasso tool, go around a part of the map and close it off. Then go to "Edit" and click "Paste Special" and "Paste Into".

7. Do it bit by bit until the whole map is finished.

And this is what it looked like at the end:

I did the same thing with the States:

I hope you like it!


DIY Hanging Chains Headband

DIY Hanging Chains Headband:

hanging chains headband  -  coachella style

What you'll need:

 Circular headband
- Chains: fine, thick, gold, silver, rose gold… use a variety of colors and sizes or all the same… choose chains that are lighter in weight.
- Jump rings {for small chains only}
- Beading pliers

hanging chains headband diy-1-coachella style

How to do it:
hanging chains headband diy-2-coachella style

1. Prepare your chains. I used about 30-35 chains, longest down the middle/back, tapering up around the sides. It’s up to you how long or short you’d like them to hang.

hanging chains headband diy-3-coachella style

2.  Using the extra loose chain links or jump rings for small chains, attach one chain to each section of your plastic headband. I began at the ends with the longest chains and worked my way up knowing that I would clasp this at the back/base of my head where my hair was the longest.
hanging chains headband diy-4-coachella style

DIY chain headband-blue and white  pottery

3.  Working from the ends up, I stopped just about at my temples or above my ears. You may choose to use as many or as few chains as you like. The Topshop version goes all the way around, including short bangs.


hanging chains headband DIY-long hair accessories

DIY chain headband- blonde hair

hanging chains headband DIY

Heart Shape Pancake

Heart Shape Pancake:

For Valentine's Day!

What you'll need:

- pancake mix
- pan
- a good hand
- someone to make them for

How to do it:

valentine's day


DIY Heart Pillows

With Valentine's Day tomorrow, I thought it'd be nice if i posted something involving hearts, something you could possibly hug, something warm for both the couples and the singles and something to decorate your house...

What you'll need:

• fabric (two 18” squares)
• thread to match fabric
• stuffing
• pins
• needle
• paper for template
• sewing machine

How to do it:

1.  create a template for the pillow by folding a piece of paper in half and cutting out a heart shape (ours was about 14 x 14 inches).
2.  stack the two pieces of fabric (right sides facing if it’s a patterned fabric).
3. unfold the template and pin to the two layers of fabric.
4.  cut around the template, leaving a 1/2 inch seam allowance.
5.  unpin, remove template, and re-pin the pieces of fabric together.

6. stitch around the edges with a 1/2 inch seam allowance, leaving a 3 inch opening.
7.  clip into seam allowance (without cutting seams) along the curves to ease turning.
8.  turn the pillow right side out and stuff, working with small pieces so that the stuffing is free of lumps.
9.  slip-stitch the open edge.
and just like that, you’re done!


My Bucket List (Sort of)

Last night, I was a bit bored and was watching "Life Mein Ek Baar" which is a TV show about 5 girls who go to Cape Town. South Africa, to complete their bucket list such as diving with sharks and bungee jumping...
It made me want to write my own bucket list but instead it ended up looking like this:

I promise next time I will write a proper one!

DIY "Bidon" Light

DIY "Bidon" Light: 

I went to this new shop that sells home decoration and I found what they call "Bidon Light". It looked pretty cool and original until I saw the price! $16 for something that looked so easy to make. No way was I going to buy it when I had everything I needed at home.

What you'll need:
- "Bidon" (I don't know what it's called in English)
- Light

How to do it:
Take your bidon and add the light inside!

See! Super simple!


New "Books" page!

Dear bookworms,

Welcome to my library!

I've decided to create a new "Books" page to share with you all of my favourite books, the ones I've read and the ones I want to read. I've included the book ratings from Goodreads and I would love to know whether you've read any of the books I have listed and if you have any to recommend to me. So please leave a comment, i'm constantly checking them!

I hope you like this new page I've created!


Blueberry Galette

Blueberry Galette:

What you'll need:

For the dough:

- 300 g of flour
- 170 g of butter
- 50 g of sugar
- 30 ml. water
- half a teaspoon of salt
- 1 egg
- 2 teaspoons of lemon juice

For the filling:

- 1 kilo of blueberries
- zest and juice of 1 lemon
- 2 tablespoons cornstarch
- 2 tablespoons golden syrup or honey
- a pinch of grated nutmeg
- half a teaspoon of cinnamon
- 75 ml. of sugar
- beaten up egg and two tablespoons of sugar to grease and sprinkle

How to do it:

1. In a bowl sift the flour and sugar and add diced butter.

2. Rub the remaining ingredients together  in your hands  and make sure they aren't stuck together.

3.  In a cup, mix the egg with the lemon juice and the salt then pour it into your dough. Mix with a fork until combined.

4. Set your cake aside in the fridge for at least an hour.

5. While it's cooling down prepare the filling. Add the blueberries into a bowl and throw in all the other ingredients. Mix thoroughly so that the ingredients blend in well.

6. Remove your dough/cake from the fridge. Ad the filling in the center living approx. 5 mm around the edge.

7. Fold the edges around the filling. The less even  it looks the better. Add your beaten egg and sugar mixture  on the edges of the dough  and cook it on a baking tray for about 20 minutes at 200 degrees Celsius. Make sure to put baking paper underneath your cake before putting it in the oven.

blueberry galette

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