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Hi DIY-ers, I don't usually write stuff like this but i have been searching for some cool DIY ideas that i could make this weekend but i cannot find the instructions anywhere. If anyone knows please let me know. Thanks!

Here is the picture below:

DIY tassel earrings

What to know how to make these super cute earrings? Well get DIY-ing!

What you'll need:

- Embroidery threads
-earring hooks

How to do it:

1) Cut the skein of embroidery thread in half. Take two threads out of each half...

2) Tightly tie them at the ends so that a loop forms. Instant tassels.

3) Attach the tassels to the hook and...

You like?


The very friendly friendship bracelet

What you'll need:

- Embroidery threads
- tape or pin
- scissors

How to do it:

First you'll need to cut several strands of embroidery thread about 24 inches each. ( I used five different colours) Make sure there are two sets of each color. Combine the threads and tie a knot, leaving at least 3 inches of slack. Tape it to a flat surface or safety pin it to a pillow. Separate the two sets, arranging the strands in a mirror-image pattern with the outside strands the same color and so on moving inwards.

Start on the left side with the outermost color (shown here in red) and make a forward knot by creating a 4-shape over the 2nd color, loop it under and back through the opening.

Pull up and to the right to tighten. Make the same knot twice over each color. Continue knotting over each color, towards the right, until the outermost color has carried over to the middle. This is one half of the chevron pattern.

Now pick up the outermost color on the right side (show here in red) and make a backward knot, creating a reverse 4-shape over the 2nd color, loop it under and back through the opening. Pull up and to the left to tighten. Don’t forget to knot twice over each color!

Continue knotting towards the left until the outermost strand reaches the middle. Tie a backwards knot with the two middle strands to connect the two halves. Did you remember to knot twice? The first chevron row is complete! Continue with the the next color, which is now the outermost strand . . .

Remembering the color order is important for the first few rows but after the 3rd or 4th row, the strands will fall nicely in place. Finish it with a knot and a braid.


Watercolor Petal Necklace

Watercolor Petal Necklace:

What You'll Need:

- White faux flower*
- Watercolor paints; student grade is fine
- Paintbrush
- Pearls, or whatever beads you would like
- Headpins, if needed
- Jump rings
- Long piece of chain
- Clasp, if needed
- Jewelry pliers & scissors
- Paper towels

How to do it:

1) Take apart the flower, and decide which petals you want to work with. I ended up using 9 of the top/smaller petals.

2) Paint the petals! Don’t be afraid to mix colors. I love the gradients that can be made with watercolors. TIP: Don’t use too much water. Try painting the entire petal with a light wash of color, then gradually work on adding more saturated color. Your hands WILL get paint on them, so keep those paper towels on hand.

I happen to love all shades of blue - especially turquoise - so I went for a similar shade of the original. Deeper blues on top with some green blended in towards the bottom. I wanted something similar, not exact, so the watercolors are perfect to control the colors and shades I used.

3) Let dry, at least for an hour or two.

4) Carefully pierce holes on top of the petals. I used the blunt end of a sewing needle. Attach the jump rings, then attach to the chain. Add a clasp if needed; I made this one long enough so that it doesn't need a clasp.

5) Instead of pearls, I used connector gems. But it’s totally up to you as to what beads you use.


Spaghetti Necklace

Spaghetti Necklace:

What You'll Need:

- a piece of fabric
- spaghetti
- white glue
- acrylic paint
- chain and clasp

How to do it:

Draw your design on the back of the fabric, glue the spaghetti on top. Once the glue is dry, cut and paint the spaghetti. Fix the chain and fini!



Mini Bottle Of Leprechaun Gold

Mini Bottle of Leprechaun Gold:

What you'll need:

  • 1 tiny bottle with cork and eye hook (here's my SOURCE)
I used the 1ml bottles and purchased a 6-pack for $8 (incl. shipping) 
  • Gold Flake (just a pinch)
(I purchased a .1 oz. bag of ArtMinds Gold Flake from Michael's for around $6 with a coupon.  You could probably make 100 bottles from a single bag.)
  • Distilled Water (for suspending the gold)
  • An eyedropper
  • A small paintbrush, skewer, or toothpick
  • Waterproof glue (I used Gorilla Super Glue)
  • A silver jump ring
  • Jewelry pliers
  • A chain/necklace
  • Leprechaun Gold labels (free printable HERE)
  • Mod Podge  (I used the outdoor formula)

How to do it:

Step 1:  Use a small paintbrush, toothpick or skewer to push a small amount of gold flake into the bottle.  I found it easiest to twist the tip of the paintbrush into the gold flakes (as if you were twirling spaghetti on a fork), then pushing it inside the bottle.  Do not pack the gold leaf too tightly.  Save room for water.

 Step 2:  Using eye-dropper, fill the bottle with distilled water, then push in cork firmly.

Step 3:  Screw eye-hook into the center of the top of the cork.

Step 4:  Put a small amount of glue (non water-soluble) around the rim of the bottle (where glass and cork meet).  

Step 5:  Print and cut out a label (inside the black lines).  Brush a thin coat of Mod Podge on the reverse side.  Attach to bottle, then cover with a thin coat of Mod Podge on top of the label to seal.  Wipe off any excess that exceeds the borders of the label.

Step 6:  When glues have dried (approx. 5 minutes), attach the jump ring to the eye hook.

 Step 7:  Thread your chain through the jump ring and you're done.


Paper Fortune Cookie

Paper Fortune Cookie:

What you'll need:

- PDF file
- Color printer
- Cardstock
- Scissors
- A glue stick or strong double-sided tape
- Paperclips or mini-clothespins

For fortune cookie template click here:

How to do it:

1. Print your fortune cookies & fortunes, cut them out like shown
2. Fold your cookie in half, but do not make a crease
2a. (not shown) Place fortune in the bend
3. Begin folding like so
4. Finishing folding
5. Apply glue liberally or use a strong double-sided tape
6. If you use glue make sure you leave a few hours for the cookies to dry. they will have to be held together by mini-clothespins (like shown), or a paperclip would work just as well

Kind Over Matter Printable Fortune Cookies

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