Tribal Print Chopsticks

Tribal Print Chopsticks:

What you'll need:

- chopsticks
- sharpie pen
- x-acto knife (optional)

How to do it:

1. Find a tribal pattern that pleases you or you can make one yourself.

2. I started by carving in my pattern with my x-acto knife and went over the pattern with my sharpie pen to make it more visible. For the second chopstick, i didn't use the knife and I actually prefer how it turned out. It was much easier without the carvings.


Mini Garden In A Book

Mini Garden In A Book:

Transform a thrift store hardback into a fun mini fantasy Garden. It can be adapted to different book themes.

What you'll need:

- Hardback book
- plants
- flowers
- clear plastic pot liner
- accessories ( Popsicle stick, key, ribbon...)
- x-acto knife

How to do it:

1. Cut out section of your pages.

2. Plant garden in a clear plastic pot liner and insert into pages.

3. Add a mini door from Popsicle sticks and accessories. 

4. Add a bookmark with a key and if need be recover the front of your book.


Shabby Chic 3D Cardboard Stars

Shabby Chic 3D Cardboard Stars:

What you'll need:

  • Empty cereal box
  • Paint (Any colour you fancy!)
  • A felt tip pen in dark blue or black
  • Star templates 
  • Scissors
  • Paintbrush

How to do it:

1. Start by opening out your cereal box and then either print out or free hand draw a 5 pointed star in the size you require.

2. Next you need to draw a line from the middle of each tip of each star across to the other side as shown in the photo above. Open your scissor out and use the pointed end to score along the lines you have just drawn on.
3. Next, fold along your score lines to give the star it's 3D effect. A tip for this is to fold the line down the center of the point into a hill fold (outwards) and the lines either side of the middle line into a valley fold (inwards) this will make sense when you start to crease your lines.

4. Paint your stars in your desired colour and leave to dry. Don't worry if you can see the pen through the white paint, you want this to happen as it gives them a shabby chic feel! Afterwards I even went back over the lines with an old felt tip just to add even more definition. Once fully dry the card will become stiff and you are ready to place anywhere you like! Make a garland, add on a ribbon and I would love to see what you do with these if you make them! 


DIY Moon Clock

DIY Moon Clock:

What you'll need:

7″ NASA moon printout (click link to download)
- clock kit
- cork trivet
- scissors
- cardboard paper

How to do it:

1. Print out the moon printout on an A4 paper and make sure it's the same size as the cork trivets.

2. Cut out a circle the same size as your moon and cork trivet on your cardboard paper.

3. Glue all three pieces together.

4. Make a hole in all three pieces. This is where you will add your handles and your clock machinery will go at the back of the cork.

5. Add a little hook and voila! Hang it on your wall. Step back. Admire.


Romwe Generic Fall & Winter

DIY Flameless Fire Pit

DIY Flameless Fire Pit:

Post image for DIY Flameless Fire Pit

When it's cold, I always have an urge to make my home as cozy as can be and to me string lights just give that cozy feel. So I found this DIY and they are used in the cutest way! If you want to help turn your home into a cozy little winter wonderland, you should make one, too!

What you'll need:

- lace strips
- tree branches
- aluminium foil
- fabric stiffener or washable school glue
- paintbrush
- string lights
- rocks (from outside)

DIY Lace Twinkle Lights Flameless Fire Pit

DIY Lace Twinkle Lights Flameless Fire Pit

How to do it:

1. Wrap each branch in aluminum foil, making sure to cover every bit of wood. This will make sure the lace doesn't stick to your branches once it’s dry.
DIY Lace Twinkle Lights Flameless Fire Pit
DIY Lace Twinkle Lights Flameless Fire Pit
2. Apply fabric stiffener or glue to a strip of lace, making sure it’s saturated. The more you use, the sturdier your lace branch cast will be.
DIY Lace Twinkle Lights Flameless Fire Pit
3. Wrap the lace around a branch, starting at one end and working your way to the other. Make sure to overlap the lace a little so that there are no holes. Use any many strips as necessary to reach both ends.
DIY Lace Twinkle Lights Flameless Fire Pit
4. Repeat until all your branches are covered and let dry. Make sure the lace is completely dry before moving on to the next step. I waited overnight.
DIY Lace Twinkle Lights Flameless Fire Pit
5. Once the lace is totally dry, pick up a branch and use a sharp knive (I used an Xacto knive) to cut one clean line into the lace, from one end to the other. Don’t worry about cutting too deeply – I cut through the aluminum foil, as well.
DIY Lace Twinkle Lights Flameless Fire Pit DIY Lace Twinkle Lights Flameless Fire Pit
6. Pop the cast off of the branch, and remove the branch. Carefully peel the aluminum foil off of the interior of the lace, and discard the foil.
DIY Lace Twinkle Lights Flameless Fire Pit
7. Repeat on all branches.
DIY Lace Twinkle Lights Flameless Fire Pit
8. Now for the fun part! Arrange your rocks into a circular shape, filling the middle area with string lights. Make sure to leave the plug end of the lights on the outside of the circle, and make sure you can reach an outlet.
DIY Lace Twinkle Lights Flameless Fire Pit
9. Arrange your lace branches into a cone-like shape, touching towards the top. The branches should all balance on one another, holding each other up. If you have trouble getting your branches to stay up, wedge them between the rocks.
DIY Lace Twinkle Lights Flameless Fire Pit
DIY Lace Twinkle Lights Flameless Fire Pit
10. Add some more rocks and plug in your lights!
DIY Lace Twinkle Lights Flameless Fire Pit
DIY Lace Twinkle Lights Flameless Fire Pit
DIY Lace Twinkle Lights Flameless Fire Pit
Isn't this the cutest thing!

Faux Butterfly Collection

Faux Butterfly Collection:

I think collecting butterflies is pretty cool, only problem is there aren't many places where you can go looking for butterflies where I live. Not only that, I don't have the materials nor the products to maintain my collection. And yes, I feel sort of bad killing butterflies. What's the point of squashing the thorax of a very much alive creature just to have them for display? So why not have a collection with paper butterflies? I don't have to go hunting for them or kill them. It's much simpler and doesn't need maintenance, apart from cleaning the frame now and then.
And the best part is, it looks super great once it's on the wall.

What You'll Need:

- Butterfly Templates
- Printer
- Coloring pens
- Scissors
- Frame

How to do it:

1. Choose some butterfly templates. You can search them on Google images. I chose nine butterflies.
You can see them below:

2. Print them out and color them in. I colored them based on existing butterflies.

3. After coloring them all in, I cut them out. The white things you see on the butterflies are pins, it was to hold them down.

4. I then placed them in a frame.

I think it turned out quite nice.

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