Hello everyone! Wow! Wow! Wow! I have not been on my blog for a while which is absolutely terrible of me. Sorry :(
Anyway I'm back for now, unfortunately I cannot say that I will be back for good. I might be able to post once in a while whenever I have time even though right now is definitely not a good time with having to complete my university applications. For all those who have been following me and who continue following me, thank you for putting up with my tardiness. I'll do my best to post as much as possible. I'll try and post a DIY in a bit but for now I decided to share with you some of my IG pictures. I own a bookish account on instagram where I spend most of my time. I thoroughly enjoy the book community and take tremendous pleasure in photoshooting my library. Here are some of the my bookstagram pictures!

If you wish to follow my account on IG:

Let me know in the comments if you have read or wish to read any of the books shown in the photos above. :) 

(These are some of my absolute favourites as well!)
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