Ghostly sculptures

With All Hallows Eve coming around in a couple of days, I'm sure many of you are looking for an original decoration idea. So I came across a really great Halloween idea, a chicken wire ghost sculpture. Sadly there isn't any tutorial but it doesn't seem too complicated. Grab that chicken wire and get sculpting!

Ghost dresses out of chicken wire Tutorial.

The Pumpkin Vase

Are you looking for a simple and cute way of decorating your house for Halloween while still having your house look like your house? Well then...

The Pumpkin Vase:

What you'll need:

- a pumpkin
- a carving knife
- a design you like
- some flowers

How to do it:

1. Grab your pumpkin and carve the design you want. Make sure not to carve your design to low as the water for the flowers will run out.

3. Once you have finished carving add your bouquet de fleures and voila, all finished!


Photo Transfer With Packaging Tape

Photo Transfer With Packaging Tape:

What you'll need:

- packaging tape
- printed pictures
- a bowl of warm water
- scissors
- a surface to stick your photo transfer
- a ruler

How to do it:

1. I started by choosing a picture (mickey mouse)

2. With the packaging tape, I covered the whole surface of the picture.

3. With a ruler, I made sure that there were no bubbles or trapped air.

4. I then dipped the picture into warm water and waited about 5 mins.

5. After 5 mins, I carefully removed the paper at the back.

6. Once the paper is completely removed, it should look like this.

 7. I then stuck it to a glass bottle and voila!

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