Doctor Who: Weeping Angel DIY

Doctor Who: Weeping Angel DIY

What you'll need:
- Hot Glue Gun
- Craft Foam
- A Barbie
- Wooden Skewers
- A base
- A mini gauze dress
- craft glue
- House Paint Primer
- Sand texture spray paint

How to do it:
1. Cut a wing shape out of craft foam and add the details with hot glue

2. Jointed arm barbies aren't in the correct position to cover their eyes, so cut the arms off and reattach them at the elbows. Secure it with more hot glue.

3. Take some time to glue all of her joints so they are solid then attach her to a base with wooden skewers.

4. Attach her wings with hot glue.

5. Add a simple gauze dress.

6. In order to create the carved waves seen in statuary, you will need to use your hot glue gun again...

7. Use craft glue to settle her dress more. Prepare the piece for priming.

8. After the piece is primed, it should look entirely white.

9. Now use the sand textured spray paint.

And voila!

For all the Doctor Who Fans...

Don't blink!

Warning: Place a mirror directly opposite her so she will be trapped.


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  1. This is absolutely brilliant!! Definitely subscribing. :)


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