Hello everybody,

So I thought I'd post a few pictures from my trip to Singapore. A bit over a week ago, I went on a school trip to Singapore. This was the best school trip ever. Sadly, we only stayed for five days but it was really amazing. I went to Marina Bay Sand for the light show and to the maritime gallery. The Changi Museum Trail was extremely interesting, probably the most interesting thing we've done there. Went to see the famous shop houses and did a river tour. I wouldn't mind going back although the first time I went there, I didn't like it at all. Anyway here are the pictures.


This is cat I met. His name is Fat Cat. All he does is sleep and eat. This very chubby cat is a girl and is the most adorable cat I've seen!


Yes I had a barbecue on the beach and it was so lovely. We sat on that big rock you can see on the picture above and sang till almost midnight and roasted marshmallows. Best night ever!

That's all for my trip to Singapore!

Until next time...

Bye bye!


  1. wow! What an amazing City! I will be there- sorry, you are at the other side of the world may one day you ll have the Chance to go there. I can imagine that this would be an amazing School trip !


    1. Oh yes it was an amazing trip! I wish I could go back! I would honestly rather travel to Europe maybe even back home in London.

  2. Amazing photos! I love the skyline one!



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