Stained Glass Iphone Case

So today I will be showing you how I made this Stitch Stained Glass Iphone case. I had a clear case lying around waiting to be decorated. I wasn't sure what I wanted on the case until I saw these Disney themed stained glass on Pinterest and I was like "Yeah! That's what I want!"
I gathered my Sharpies and got to work.

What You'll Need:

- clear Iphone Case
- colourful Sharpies
- black marker
- stained glass image you would like to copy
- white paper

This is the image I used because I love Stitch. I do not own this image and I do not know who it belongs to so if it yours, please let me know so that I can give you credit:

How To Do It:

1. I started off by outlining the image onto my white sheet of paper like so. I didn't copy the image exactly as I wanted to change it up a bit to fit the dimensions of the case.

2. Grab your case and place the back of it onto your drawing. I secured mine with blue tack that way the case wouldn't slide off while I colour it in.

3. I drew the outlines onto the case first using a black marker and then coloured each piece in using different shades of colours. I improvised a bit for certain parts of the drawing such as the yellow coloured sand which does not appear on my initial drawing. Let it dry for a bit and then place it on your phone.

And voila! You have a brand new Iphone case!


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