DIY Scented Candles

So in between food shopping and making my friend's birthday present, I somehow ended up with some tea light candles and an empty lantern from the £1 shop or the dollar store if you are in the US. I have never really made my own candle before, i'm not too sure why... Candles are very popular for DIY bloggers. Normally, you would make them out of beeswax or soy wax which is fine but I decided to make my scented candle out of the tea light candles which I ended up with. I mean come one, a whole pack of tea light candles for a pound... Now that's a bargain! Yes I guess, you could say i'm taking the easy way in candle making but it is still very fun to make and smells great and I just wanted to share the process with you which by the way is super simple.

What You'll Need:

- tea light candles
- glass container
- jute string (or 100% cotton yarn or thread)
- essential oils
- skewers or chopsticks

How To Do It:

Candle Wick:

You may use ready made candle wicks or wooden wicks if you would like to save some time but I preferred to make my own as I had everything I needed at home.

1. Start off by melting candle wax. For this I used two tea light candles which I melted in a casserole.

2. Proceed to cut around 20cm of jute string. Once the candles have fully melted, place the string in the wax.

3. Let the string soak in the wax for a minute or two. Remove it from the casserole and suspend it high up to let the wax harden. Be careful not to burn yourself with the hot wax.

4. Once the wax on your string has cooled down and hardened, you should be able to hold it without it bending.

5. Use the wick holder from one of the tea lights you have melted and fit the string through the hole. You might need to use a thinner string if using a tea light wick holder as the hole tends to be smaller or you can try enlarging the hole with a sharp tool.

Making the candle:

1. Now that you have your wick, attach it to the bottom of your glass container. You may do this by using the melted wax. Pour some in your container and secure the wick holder.

2. Melt your tea candles. I had to use quite a few in order to get a decent amount. Once fully melted add a few drops of essential oil. I used sandalwood and lime for mine.

3. Use two wooden skewers or chopsticks to prop up the wick. This will allow it to stand up straight.

4. Pour your melted wax into your glass container. Be careful as the wax is extremely hot.

5. Allow the wax to set. This can take up to 8 hours depending on the wax. My candle was set within 2 hours :)

6. Finally, trim your wick and you are done!


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