Ankara Bracelet

Ankara Bracelet:

What you'll need:

- 12 threads in 6 colours ( 2 of each colour)
The colours used in the tutorial are: blue, red, orange, light orange, yellow and light yellow
- beads

Note: bk: back knot; fk: front knot; R,LY, B, LO, O, Y: colours of thread

How to do it:

1. Make a buckle and order the threads from the left to the right the following way: 
R, LY, B, LO, O, Y, Y, O, LO, B, LY, R

2. First row: bk (B) - bk (O) - fk (Y) - fk (O) - fk (G)
Second row: bk (B) - bk (O) - bk (Y) - fk (Y) - fk (O) - fk (B)
Third row: bfk (O) - bfk (Y) - fk (LO) - fbk (Y) - fbk (O)

3. row 4: fk (B) - fk (O) - fk (Y) - bk (Y) - bk (O) - bk (B)
row 5: fk (B) - fk (O) - fk (Y) - bk (O) - bk (B)
row 6: fk (B) - fk (O) - bk (O) - bk (B)
row 7: fk (B) - fk (O) - bk (B)
row 8: fk (B) - bk (B)
row 9: fk (B)

4. Add a bead over the two blue threads and make a forward knot and a backward knot with the blue threads to close it:

5. Take the orange and the yellow string and make 6 or 7 orange forward/backward-knots (the number of knots depends on the dimension of the bead).

Then you leave out the light orange string and make 7 or 8 red backward/forward-knots with the red and light yellow threads:

Make it on both sides:

6. Make 6 blue backward-knots on the left and 5 blue forward-knots on the right side (you'll have a chevron):

7. Take the two orange threads from the middle and make 4 backward-knots + 1 bfk on the left side and 3 forward knots + 1 fbk on the right side.

Take the two yellow threads and make 2 bk + 1 bfk on the left and 1fk + 1fbk on the right.

Make a fk with the light orange threads.

Repeat STEPS 3 and 4:

Then repeat STEP 5, but change the colours (6 or 7 yellow bfk instead of orange and 7 or 8 light yellow fbk instead of red):

Repeat the process several times, and there you are:


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