DIY Polka Dot Owl T-SHIRT

DIY Polka Dot Owl Shirt

DIY Polka Dot Owl T-Shirt:

What you'll need:

- A T-Shirt
- Freezer Paper
- Fabric Paint and acrylic paint
- iron
- kitchen sponge
- A Pencil with eraser end

How to do it: 

Download the template here. Print 
on freezer paper, then cut along the outside line. Iron it on your shirt, then paint it. I used a kitchen sponge (cause I like the finish more than foam brushes) - it makes the paint look more vintage-y. To make it semi-cloudy like mine, mix 1 part white fabric paint with 1 part black acrylic paint and make sure you don't mix it well - you want to leave some white and grayish strands. Then proceed to dab it onto the shirt with your sponge. After it's a bit dry, add your dots - I used the eraser end of a normal pencil. Blot the excess paint with paper, wait for it to dry, and iron to seal.

Super Cute ain't it?


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