DIY Urban Outfitters Wall Art

DIY Urban Outfitters Wall Art:

What you'll need:

- 24 x 30 inch canvas
- 20 nature photos
- Mod Podge
- stained glass foiling tape

How to do it:

1. I started with a 24 x 30 inch canvas and 20 nature photos that I cut down into 6x6 square. I played around with the layout until I found one I liked.

2. Then I mod podged them onto the canvas.

3. And ended up with this...

4. And for the final step I took a roll of this stuff..

Stained glass foiling tape.

It is basically copper tape and such an easy product to work with. Just peel the backing off and stick! And it can be molded around the edges of the canvas for a really great finished look. I outlined all of the edges of the photos with it and put it around the canvas edges. Here is the finished product...

Nice eh?


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