DIY Vintage Spoon Wall Hooks

DIY Vintage Spoon Wall Hooks:


What you'll need:

- thin silver spoons (Use sterling NOT stainless steel silverware. Sterling Silver bends as where stainless is nearly impossible to bend.)
- wood plaque
- Steel Wool (for shining up the silver)
- flat surface for hammering
- hammer
- drill
- screws

How to do it:

1. Start by gathering all your materials. 

2. If you are using an old piece of wood, please check for nails, slivers of wood, etc that could harm you, remove any and proceed. 

3. Use a flat surface and flatten the spoon with a hammer. Then bend the handle of the utensil. This part is a bit tricky. If you find that you cannot try placing the spoon into boiling water, carefully remove it (don’t forget your mittens!) bend the handle around a small round object.

4.  Next, drill in a screw through the spoon to the wood. Again, this process works best for thin, sterling silver spoons. If you are struggling you can dremel a hole.


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