DIY Brick Books

DIY Brick Books:

So I've seen these book painted bricks online and I thought well damn, that's an awesome idea! They are used as Garden Decor but I prefer to use them as book ends! I must say that i'm quite obsessed with this idea and I will probably make more very soon even though I have no need for them and my house is pretty cramped as it is. So having bricks around wont help but what the heck!

What you'll need:

- bricks
- paint (I used white and orange)
- paintbrush
- printed titles for your books (the Iliad by Homer, 1984 by George Orwell, the Great Gatsby by E. Scott Fitzgerald...)
- scissors
- marker (optional)
- correction pen (optional)
- packaging tape
- bowl of warm water

How to do it:

1. Using your book titles follow the photo transfer with packaging tape tutorial.

2. While you are waiting, paint your brick however you like.

3. Once the photo transfer is done, stick it onto the brick. What I also did was add my little logo at the bottom.

4. With the marker trace two lines, one at the top and one at the bottom to make a separation between the white paint and the orange paint. You can go over the lines with a correction pen.

Aren't they nice?



  1. Can I pay you to make some for my wife?!?!

    1. Hello Michael, I've never thought of selling some of my DIYs but now I'm considering opening an Etsy Shop. If more people are interested in buying some of my crafts then I shall open a shop. I'll keep you updated and I am so glad you like them!


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