DIY Frame Shelves

DIY Frame Shelves:

DIY Frame Shelves

Hello! Hello! Sorry for being away for so long and not posting anything, I've been very busy, I have so much homework but i'm here now! Since I'm a bit tight on time and haven't had the chance to make anything, I've searched everywhere and found this really nice and easy DIY by Shanty 2 Chic, DIY Frame Shelves. It is so great and adds a beautiful touch to a bare wall. Hope you give it a try because I definitely will!

What you'll need:

- old picture frame
- 1x4 boards
- ruler
- wood glue
- spray paint (optional)

How to do it:

1. Remove the different parts of your old picture frame and keep only the frame.

Measure Frame for Shelf

2. Measure each side then cut the boards to the measurements of the frame. You should have four 
different pieces.

Building a frame shelf

3. Glue the pieces together with the wood glue. (you could nail them together as well)

Glue for frame Box for Frame Shelf

4. Glue the frame to your new box/ shelf.

Frame for Shadowbox Shelf

 Frame Shelf How To

5. You can secure it with nails.

Nail Frame to Box

6. Finally if you would like, you can paint the whole frame in white like the one that was done by Shanty 2 Chic. I would have probably left them bare to give this antique look.

Frame Shelf DIY DIY Frame Box Shelves

Lovely isn't it?


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