Not All Those Who Wander Are Lost

So I decided to decorated my wall today because I was bored and also because I was thinking of my cousin who has something similar in her room. She chose a quote from the well known Divergent. I chose to take a very famous quote by J.R.R Tolkien. I'm sure you all know him, if you don't does Lord of the Rings or the Hobbit ring any bells? It must! Anyway, it took me quite some time but I managed to get it up on my wall with the help of my sister. Thank you little sister! You can now decorate your wall with any quote from your favourite book or perhaps a movie, even a song or a poem, it's all up to you!

What you'll need:

- Photoshop
- many images (For my quote I chose loads of Hobbit and LOTR images)
- separate images of letters
- scissors
- blue tac
- patience

How to do it:

1. Open Photoshop and gather all your images.

2. Using the same method as the one from the Elephant Butterfly Tutorial or the DIY Watercolor Map (I remind you: use your "magnetic lasso" and go around your first letter. For the other images, in my case the hobbit ones, go to "select", click "all" then go to "edit"and click "copy". Go back to your letter and go to "edit" and select "paste into".)

3. Repeat this step for all your images.

4. Print and cut them out.

5. Using the blue tac, hang it up on the wall in the correct order. This might take some time to get it straight or centered.

Now step back and enjoy this super easy wall decoration!

How was it, not too complicated I hope?



  1. Wow! It's so beautiful nd lovely.
    I love it really much.

  2. Just saw your blog from Teenage Blogger Central, and I'm loving it. You're really creative! I would do this decoration if only my wall wasn't rough and lumpy... Anyway, good job!

    1. Thank you so much! I'm happy you like my blog!


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