DIY The Hobbit T-Shirt

DIY The Hobbit T-Shirt:

As some of you might know, I am a huge Lord of The Rings and Hobbit fan sooooo... I decided to make a Hobbit T-shirt! I was meant to buy a t-shirt for the release of the Battle of the Five Armies but unfortunately they don't sell any here.
I got the idea when I saw my sister making stuff out of her old t-shirts. I know it's a bit late because the film has been out for quite some time now but I made one anyway for myself and I love it. I'll have to figure out later how to arrange it so I can wear it outdoors and not just at home. It's way too big! Unfortunately I didn't get to take any step by step pictures for you but I hope you understand. It's really not hard. It is definitely the easiest way, especially if you don't have any transfer paper, to get an awesome t- shirt to show off to your friends. It doesn't have to be a Hobbit t-shirt. Let your imagination run wild.

What you'll need:

- your choice of picture (preferably printed on a thick paper)
- scissors
- a black marker (sharpie)
- t-shirt
- cardboard or newspaper

How to do it:

1. Pick your picture or pictures. Print them out.

2. Cut them out like a stencil.

3. Put your stencil on your t-shirt. Center it if possible.

4. Color in your stencil using your black sharpie. Make sure to put a cardboard or some papers in between the t-shirt so that the marker doesn't bleed through.

5. Take a step back. Admire your work.



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