Lovely Finds #1

This is going to be a thing now.

So i'm going to start posting every week lovely finds from the internet or even stuff I come across while strolling around.

Today's finds:

I love this so much! So artsy! Watercolor Iphone case. I need this right now especially since I don't have a case at the moment.

Who wouldn't want this! A Sherlock Holmes magnifying glass necklace. It's so cute! I'm obsessed with BBC's Sherlock so I definitely need this!

Oooh! A scientific cushion! I love how the moon is represented! My bed is yearning for this!

Such a simple top but I love everything about it! I'm a huge Lord of the Rings fan as you all know by now so this lovely blue top needs to be in my closet!

I like both these Constellation Wall Stickers. Either of these would fit my Blue wall perfectly! Teal or Dark Blue, which one do you prefer?

A Cable knit blanket! they might be a bit pricey but definitely worth it! Every home needs one! 

My BIGGEST and BESTEST find is definitely Lorraine Loots limited edition miniature painting book. Lorraine Loots is an artist from Cape Town. She creates miniature paintings which are also for sale. In 2013, she did a project where she has to paint a miniature every single day for 365 days. Once the project was completed she released her book entitle 365 paintings for ants. She then did the same project in 2014. The book is available on ETSY. There are only 365 copies worldwide and at the moment there are only a few left so you better get your copy quickly before they run out! I already bought mine and I can't wait for it to arrive! Here sneak a peak to see what it looks like inside. Each page has a miniature painting on it and the date it was painted on.

I hope you liked my Lovely Finds!


  1. Wow, at the first photo I thought first it is a waterpaint pic. Only at my second look I saw that is it a phonecase great! I love it.
    Of course I love the other things too. It's a really good post idea.

    1. Glad you like the idea! I guess i'm going to continue then! And thank you!
      - Valentine


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