DIY Floral Purse

DIY Floral Purse:

So someone bought my mum a purse today. It wasn't a very nice purse I must say, flashy red, cheap, tacky anyway you get the picture. I'm sorry for the person who bought it. You must all think I'm horrible. If you live in the same country as me, honestly you would understand.
Anyway, my mum said she couldn't possibly use it so I decided to do something about it. This is what I did:

What You'll Need:

 - An old or "not in use" purse
 - Floral Washi Tape
 - Scissors
 - Embellishement

How to do it:

1. Cover the whole purse with your floral washi tape.

2. Cut off the tape that overlaps the edges.

3. Add buttons, beads, rhinestones, anything to embellish your purse.



  1. Oh, year that's true before your uprecycling it wasn't really nice in my eyes. But now it's fantastic. Great job!

    1. Thank you very much! Both my mum and I can use it now!


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