What you'll need:

- T-Shirt (I got mine at a Japanese recycle shop for $1.25)
- fabric scissors
- razor (optional)
- spray bottle
- bleach

This is the t-shirt I chose:

How to do it:

1. For this DIY, make sure to do it on an even surface away from anything you are afraid might get stained by the bleach. So stay away from any antiques!

2. I started off by cutting a small V shape into the t-shirt. There was already a small V beneath the neckline on my t-shirt so all I had to do was cut it out.

3. Once I did this, I proceeded to put little and big holes in the t-shirt to give it that distressed look. I used the scissors to make the holes and made sure to stretch out the bigger holes with my fingers to make it look ripped rather than cut.

4. I continued distressing the t-shirt with the scissors to create rips. You may also use the razor for this part.

5. Once I was happy with the distressed look, I put the bleach in a small spray bottle and sprayed the bleach on the different parts of the t-shirt. I also chose to spill some bleach onto the shirt making bigger stains. The bleach stains should appear immediately.

6. I soaked the t-shirt in cold water to stop the bleach from bleeding through too much and then I let it dry overnight.

And you should have a lovely distressed t-shirt ready to show-off the next day!

Let me know if you tried this DIY in the comments.


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