Welcome to the family!

So today, we got a new cat. Her name is Evergreen A.K.A Eva. Near my house, this weird woman who lives on the street had this very adorable cat with beautiful green eyes. At first glance, I knew i had to have her. The most horrible part is that this woman was mistreating her cat. She didn't let her walk around. Day and night, she stayed in under her tent without any food or water. She was tied up with barely enough space to sit. It pained us to pass infront of her everyday without being able to help her. Now and then we would stop by to see how she was doing. Last time we went to see her the rope was about 10cm, it gets shorter and shorter everytime we see her.(woman is scared the cat will run away) We stopped once with a bag of catfood, sadly we didn't have any water. We made sure to open the bag of food otherwise that woman woud have sold it to someone. We even had to buy a bottle of water from that woman to give to her own cat. We asked this lady called Loan who works for an animal help organization to help us rescue that poor cat. We didn't think it would be possible but she did it. We had to pay $30 instead of $100 (her initial price). And here she is now!



How adorable is she?

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