Decorated Wooden Magazine Holder

Decorated Wooden Magazine Holder:

I was looking around my room and saw these boring wooden magazine holders sitting on my shelves and thought that maybe I could make them seem more lively and fun and since i'm so into chevron, I decided to apply it to the magazine holders. So look around your room, maybe some dull wooden magazine holders are waiting for you to give them a makeover.

What you'll need:

- wooden magazine holder
- paint ( I chose yellowish green, yellow, opera pink and sky blue)
- tape
- newspaper

How to do it:

1. Grab your wooden magazine holder.

2. Create the pattern you want with your tape and stick it to the magazine holder.
If you decide to go with a chevron pattern, it should look like the picture below.

3. After, you can choose how to apply your paint. I started splatting the paint all over the magazine holder and with my fingers blended the colors in. Make sure to protect your floor with newspaper.


 I decorated my wooden magazine holder three different ways. One chevron, one with stripes and the last one with paint dripping.


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