DIY Book Clock

DIY Book Clock:

DIY book clock 01

What you'll need:

- an old book
- clock mechanism
- exacto
- hammer
- nail

DIY clock book

How to do it:

DIY book clock 07

1. Grab your book and on the first page draw the outline of your clock mechanism.

2. With your exacto knife, cut into a few pages until your clock mechanism fits.

DIY book clock 01

3. Start adding the handles. For that, make a hole in the cover of the book using the nail and the hammer.
The middle section of your clock mechanism where you will attach the handles to should now be poking out of the cover. Attach your handles.

DIY book clock 01

DIY book clock 01

Now that it's all set you can choose to hang it to a wall or just display it on a bedside table. It's up to you!


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