DIY Bleach Stamp Pad

DIY Bleach Stamp Pad:

What you'll need:
- scraps of felt
- rubber band
- bleach
- container
- stamp pad
- stamp
- shirt or fabric
- cardboard (so then the bleach wont bleed through)

How to do it:
1. Stack the felt together.

2. Fold them in half.

3. Secure them with rubber bands.

4. Put the stamp pad in the container and pour bleach over it to soak it completely.

5. Use the stamp normally just like you would do if you were using ink. Don't press to hard, just cover the stamp with enough bleach.

6. Then stamp all over your fabric. Make sure to have the cardboard behind if your are using fabric and if you're stamping on a shirt, put the cardboard inside so it doesn't bleed through the front and back.

7. Once you've finished stamping, toss your shirt into the washing machine.

When it is dry it is ready to wear!


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