Mini Book Bookmark

Mini Book Bookmark:

So here is how you can make a mini book bookmark for your big book:

What you'll need:

- scissors
- glue
- ruler
- paper (thick)
- small printed book cover (wallet size)
- the back of the book (wallet size also)
- open book (wallet size)
- the inside page (wallet size)
- tape (optional)

How to do it:

1. Print out your small book parts. Draw the outline of your open book.

2. Glue the open book to the outline to make it thicker.

3. Glue the back of the book on one side of the open book.

4. Glue the front of the book on the opposite side.

5. Glue the inside page.

6. Now cut out a long rectangle (mine was 2 cm large and 17 cm tall)

7. Gently lift the back page of the book and glue the long rectangle. Add a pearl of glue onto the rectangle and glue the back page again.

8. Apply pressure so that it holds correctly.

I used tape to cover it.

Hello Millie!


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