DIY Enamel Pin Display Banner

I've recently started an enamel pin collection after my trip to Venice and wanted a cute way to display them. While scrolling through my Instagram feed, I stumbled upon an enamel pin banner. I thought "Oh! That looks great! Where can I get one?" After searching around London without result, I gave up and decided to make my own. So today I will be sharing with you my DIY enamel pin banner.

Don't mind my very small collection of pins! I've only just started and will continue collecting pins from all the places I travel to starting from now.

What you'll need:

- fabric (It can be felt or denim. I used an old canvas tote bag for mine.)
- chopstick (or any other stick)
- string or rope
- sheet of A4 paper
- pen or marker
- needle and thread (preferably white thread to match the banner)
- scissors
- a nice collection of pins

How to do it:

1. First off find the fabric you want to use for your banner. I suggest using canvas as it is easier to pin and also looks quite pretty. I was going to use a hanger to hang the banner but changed my mind after so please ignore it.

2. Take your A4 sheet of paper and fold the edges like shown in the photo.

3. Use your folded A4 to trace the outline of your banner. Once you've done this, simply cut around.

4. You're now going to sew your banner together. Start by folding the top, creating a crease. Sew around the edges without sewing the top. This is where your chopstick will go.

5. Slide the chopstick into the tube you have made for it. Take your string and attach it on either end of the chopstick. I used two tasseled strings and tied them together.

And voilĂ ! All you have to do now is put on all your enamel pins, hang it on your wall and admire it!

Still plenty of room for more pins!


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