Stranger Things T-Shirt


I'm in an 80s mood so i shall continue with yet another Stranger Things themed project. I have today for you a fashion DIY. So you might have noticed these "Should I Stay or Should Eggo" t-shirts and sweaters online and you may have also noticed that they cost quite a bit so instead of spending your money on the shipping fee, why not make it yourself? 

What You'll Need:

- plain white t-shirt
- transfer paper
- iron
- inkjet printer
- flat surface (table)
- scissors

How To Do It:

1. Prepare your image and print it on your transfer paper. For the one I used, I had to mirror the image and print it on the blank side so carefully read the instructions given with your transfer paper.

2. This is how the image appears once mirrored and printed onto the transfer paper.

3. Cut around your image and position it on your t-shirt. I advise not to have the image too high up. When ironing, it is best to use a flat surface e.g a wooden table. An ironing board is not advisable.  Heat the t-shirt up before by ironing it. For my transfer paper, the image must be face down on the t-shirt, with the red grid at the back facing upwards. I then slowly and consistently ironed the image for 3 minutes, with circular motions making sure to cover every section.

4. To fix the image, I used a silicon paper which came with the packet. I placed the silicon paper over the design and ironed it for 30 seconds and then peeled it off when it was still hot. 

Now you have a cute new t-shirt to add to your closet and one that you can show off to fellow Stranger Things lovers!


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