Stranger Things Wall Art

Today's DIY is going to be a themed one. As a huge Stranger Things fan, I thought what could I do that is both super easy and super fun and really screams "Stranger Things". So I went for the famous alphabet that Joyce (Winona Ryder) uses to communicate with Will.  It is a great DIY and looks fantastic on my wall.

What You'll Need:

- Picture Frame
- Sheet of Paper (Size of your frame)
- Marker or Black Paint
- Mini multicoloured fairy lights

The fairy lights are available on Amazon: (I used the Bright Zeal 33'FT Led Battery Operated one)


How to do it:

So this is what the wall looks like in the first season of Stranger Things. You can use this as your model.

1. Start by drawing out your letters on your sheet of paper. What's great about this wall art is that you don't have to be neat.

2. Fill in your letters using your marker or black paint. Again no need to be neat. Paint a line above each row of letters. Grab something pointy and poke holes above the letters.

3. Grab your fairy lights and push them through the holes like so and all you have to do is place your alphabet in your frame and voila!


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