DIY Gold Twig Bangles

DIY Gold Twig Bangles: 

How to make your own twig bangle.

What you'll need:

- Some twigs (Fresh is best as they are more bendy than if they have dried out)
- Gold Metallic Spray Paint
- Glue or glue gun
- some thread

Below you can find the link to buy the Gold Metallic Spray Paint as well as the hot glue guns. I would say that the Kyrlon spray paint has a nicer finishing touch than the Rust Oleum one but then it all depends on your budget. I prefer using the KSANA one but I find that the mini high-temp one works quite well and is useful for small projects such as this one. 

How to do it:

1. Cut the twigs into lengths to make a circle that fits your hand.
2. Bend them into the rounded shape, doubling up the end.
3. Wrap the doubled up end with thread to secure the bangle shape.
4. Put a dot of glue and to secure the thread.
5. Spray paint the bangles – making sure to coat entirely. Do a few coats if necessary.
6. Let dry completely.


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