House Gift Box

House Gift Box
What you'll need:
-Printable house template
-X-acto blade
-Double-sided tape
-Ruler & scoring tool

How to do it:
1. Simply print off the free template, cut it out and double-side tape it together.
2. Print the house gift box template. Cut out the house and wreath.
3. If you prefer, use the X-acto knife to cut out the window panes. The box will still be perfectly cute if the panes aren’t cut. 
4. With the ruler and scoring tool, score the house template on all the dotted lines.
5. Fold on the newly scored lines.
6. Add a piece of double-sided tape to the small tab.
7. Connect it with the other side of the house, as seen above.
8. Fold the bottom flaps in and use double-sided tape to hold it closed.
9. Add a piece of tape to the backside of the wreath and stick it in place.
10. Fill the box with a few small treats or a small gift. Add one more piece of tape to the top flaps and pinch the roof closed.

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