Pop Up Typewriter Name Card

Pop Up Typewriter Name Card:

What you'll need:

- x-acto knife
- cardstock + cutting board
- computer
- printer

How to do it:

1. First, get all your materials in place. You'll need two identical pieces of card stock cut to 5 1/2 inches long by 4 1/2 inches wide. 

2. Now you need to print your typewriter and typewriter paper. We printed on white card stock but regular paper is also fine.

3. Cut out your typewriter using an Xacto knife. Fold one of your pieces of card stock in half. Flatten it back out. Paste your typewriter so that the bottom is 1/2 an inch from the middle crease.
4. Now, use an Xacto to cut lines around the two sides of your typewriter. Extend the cut 1/2 an inch past the top of the typewriter. Give that pop-up a test. 
5. Next, you need to add your paper. Simply cut a thin line through the paper part of the typewriter and slip your printed name card right in. 
6. Lastly, take your second piece of card stock and paste it to the back of the pop-up. Done!
Here are some more Pop Up Name Cards:

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