Shell Spoons

Shell Spoons:

I know it's not summer, but some time ago, I saved a picture of shell spoons and thought it was a lovely idea to share with you! So I decided to look for the tutorial and I found it!
It's an old tradition to use shells for making spoons. They're not really suitable for eating - ragged edges make it dangerous - but they're gorgeous as mini scoops for sugar, salt, tea, or dry herbs.
So keep an eye out for pearly, pastel shells the next time you walk on the beach! You could find your new sugar spoon.

What you'll need:

- spoon-shaped shells
- different wires
- small pliers
- dremel for holes.

How to do it:

1. Pierce the shells 1-3 times with the dremel.
2. Cross the wires through the holes and twist them in different ways around each other.
3. Twist the ends in like snails with the pliers.

spoons made of shells /{adorable gift for the chef or foodie} #DIY

That's it!


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