DIY Galaxy top

DIY Galaxy Top

What you'll need:
a dark colored item of clothing (I used a black tank top but you should use whatever your heart tells you to)
- bleach
-  an empty spray bottle
-  fabric paint or acrylic paint in purple, blue, red, white and yellow
-  sponges
-  an old toothbrush

1. Lay the shirt on some paper on the floor. In the spray bottle, make a mixture of half bleach and half water. Spray the shirt unevenly, creating areas of highly concentrated bleach where you want your cosmos to be. It will turn an orangey color pretty immediately, but will take some time to lighten.

2. Let it dry for an hour then rinse it with cold water and let it dry again.

3. Water down some purple paint, and with a sponge, go around the bleach spots and fill in most of the black spots.

4. Using an additional sponge of watered down blue paint, go around the purple that's around the bleach spots. Then apply some blue to the center of the large purple/black areas.

5. Use the red paint to blend the orange of the bleach spots into the blue and purple, which will give it some dimension. Then add some white paint to the center of the bleach spots so they stand out.

6. Using an old toothbrush dipped in white paint, you're going to bend the bristles back so that it scatters white flecks. By holding the toothbrush at different angles, you'll be able to create different size stars, which is important for creating depth. Concentrate the flecks more in the darker areas. Then, using a sharp pencil dipped in white paint, create larger stars by making X shapes. I also added some dot-shaped stars using the tip of the pencil.

7. If the light parts did not pop out enough add some yellow paint around the white.
Let it dry!


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