Paper Fortune Cookie

Paper Fortune Cookie:

What you'll need:

- PDF file
- Color printer
- Cardstock
- Scissors
- A glue stick or strong double-sided tape
- Paperclips or mini-clothespins

For fortune cookie template click here:

How to do it:

1. Print your fortune cookies & fortunes, cut them out like shown
2. Fold your cookie in half, but do not make a crease
2a. (not shown) Place fortune in the bend
3. Begin folding like so
4. Finishing folding
5. Apply glue liberally or use a strong double-sided tape
6. If you use glue make sure you leave a few hours for the cookies to dry. they will have to be held together by mini-clothespins (like shown), or a paperclip would work just as well

Kind Over Matter Printable Fortune Cookies


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