DIY Colorful Arrows

DIY Colorful Arrows: 

What you'll need:
- wooden dowel
- acrylic paint
- paintbrush
- 2 feathers
- e-6000 adhesive
- course sandpaper
- yarn

How to do it:
1. Paint stripes of various lengths and colors onto the dowel.
2. Wrap yarn at different sections to the dowel to add texture to the arrow.
3. Cut a feather on one side as shown. Then, cut the top and bottom of the feather at an angle. Tip: choose a feather that is straight and not too curved. Repeat for the second feather.
4. Add e6000 along the cut side of the feather.  Then, glue onto the top portion of the dowel. Do the same for the second feather.
5. To create a pointed tip, rub the bottom end of the dowel on the sandpaper until the the flat edge is pointed.


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