Aged/Peeling Paint Technique

Aged/Peeling Paint Technique:

We all know that a new coat of paint can completely transform a good second hand find into a GREAT find! and paint is so easy too!!!

To get that old or aged look in a "newer" item, I wanted to share a little technique I learned.

What you'll need:

Object to be painted
- Paint
- Brush
- Bar of Soap (needs to be a pure soap like Dove or Ivory)
- Sandpaper

How to do it:

The soap creates a "waxy" layer that helps the paint to be sanded off easier to reveal the color or material underneath of it. Normally the edges are sanded to give some contrast to an object but this technique allows you to create more interest and age in your projects.

1. Determine how many layers (colors) you will have and if there are certain places that you will want the paint to be sanded off.
I chose to work with 3 colors for my project. I applied a base coat (brown color) to this large wooden letter. Once it was dry I applied a thick layer of the soap in certain areas and then applied a second layer of paint (mustard color) on top of the that.

2. If you don't sand that layers as you go, then be sure to apply the soap in the same area on top of the new coat of paint that you did with the first layer. I wasn't sure the look I wanted and how much of each color I would use, so I sanded to my first layer (brown) through the second layer (mustard).

3. Then I applied the last color (blue) leaving the areas I had already sanded exposed.

4. When my top coat was dry I sanded over the areas I had applied the layer of soap. You can sand a little or a lot to get whatever look fits!

5. I furthered the aged and weathered look of my wooden letter by applying a thin layer of brown paint with a rag onto the top coat of paint. Rubbing the paint into the cracks of the peeled paint and applying more in the corners, etc. Just apply and wipe, dab - repeat to achieve the depth of colors that you like.

And that's it! A beautifully aged piece that is new but has all the character and style of a one of a kind treasure!

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