DIY Pastel Hair

DIY Pastel Hair:

I've always wanted to dye my hair but didn't want it to be permanent. Fortunatly for me, I found this super- duper idea! I went to see my mum with all these bright colors in my hair and she was pretty upset. I told her not to worry because it will wash out and she was perfectly fine afterwards with the fact that I kinda looked like a fairy.

What you’ll need:

Soft Chalk Pastels (not oil pastels or chalk)
A spray bottle filled with water
A cup of water
Flat Iron/Curling Iron
Blow dryer

How to do it:

1. Comb hair. Take a small section and dampen with a spray bottle.

2.  Dip chalk pastel in water and rub into hair while twisting hair and coloring in a downward motion.  Evenly distribute color by rubbing color pigment into hair.

3.  Blow dry hair.

4. Flat iron/ curl iron your hair to seal and set pigment into hair.  If you only want the color for a day or two, disregard this step.

Don't you just love it?


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