Mini Closed Umbrellas

Mini Closed Umbrellas:

What you'll need:

- tissues know as Chinese Paper
- wire
- glue
- beads
- other parts for the details

How to do it:

1. With the tissue, cut a circle of 10 cm diameter. 

2. Fold the circle in half into two, then four ... then eight, to have 16 parts. There are eight folds. To be able to see them better you can fold one fold on once side then the next on the other side.

3. Cut some wire about 8 to 9 inches long. Make a cross in the middle of the circle, this will be where you poke the wire through.

4. Put glue on the main and most visible lines on the circle.

5. We divided each of the four parts, leaving a total of eight parts on the umbrella.

6. Flatten the folds of the umbrella, then turn it upside down. Cut the top edges.

7. Slowly twist the umbrella close into the shape of a closed umbrella.

8. Cut another strip of paper and glue it to one side, then circle it around the umbrella. Once you've made a full circle glue it.

9. Once you've finished, you may add some details to make it look more like an umbrella.

Aren't these cute?



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