DIY Watermelon Shorts

DIY Watermelon Shorts:

Nothing screams summer quite like watermelon. Whether you want to eat it or you prefer to wear it, watermelon is the epitome of the summer season. These DIY Watermelon Shorts will make you the hit of any summer party and they are super easy to make.
What you'll need:
- a pair of old white shorts or a faded blue denim shorts
- green and coral RIT dye (if you can't find coral, you can mix orange and red together)
- black fabric pen
How to do it:
1. Begin with the coral dye. Read the instructions carefully and dip the bottom half of the shorts at the line where you want the actual watermelon color to be. You need to dip the fabric in the dye for about half an hour. You can check your progress and stop whenever they get to the color that you want. Rinse thoroughly.
2. Now the green. Do the same thing with the green that you did with the coral only on the top where you want the rind to be. Follow the dye instructions carefully. 
3. You may want to wash and dry them when you finish dyeing them and once they are dry, take the black fabric pen and draw seeds on the coral section. 
Voila! You have a cute pair of watermelon shorts that cost very little and will look great all summer long.


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