DIY Nail Photo Transfer

DIY Nail Photo Transfer:

What you'll need:

- Printer
- Base Coat
- Top Coat
- 10 pictures

How to do it:

1. Apply a base coat on your nails.

2. Select the pictures you want. To do so, I chose 10 photos of cats ( because i''m a cat lover) and put it in a folder. 

3. Then I opened them up in a Word Document to re-size them so that they fit the size of my nails.

4. Print them out and cut out just the heads of the cats. ( poor cats)

5. Glue them to your nails using the top coat. Let dry.

6. Apply another layer of top coat to conceal it but make sure not to put too much or the ink will bleed.

That is all!


Oh and...

May your days be Merry and Bright
And May all your Christmases be White!
Merry Christmas!

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