My Dreamcatcher

My Dreamcatcher:

So today as usual I was so very bored and as usual I don't have much craft supplies and it's not like I can go to the craft store since this country doesn't have any. So... I gather stuff around my house, such as an old bangle I don't use, some suede cord, feathers... And made another DREAMCATCHER! I love Dreamcatchers!


What you'll need:

- suede cord
- an old bangle
- feathers
- embroidery thread
- beads
- branches

How to do it:

1. Wrap the suede cord around the bangle.

2. With the embroidery thread create the middle part of the dreamcatcher. This is the tricky part. I never get it right the first time. You can check out my first post to see how to do so.

3. I attached a black bead in the center of my dreamcatcher.

4. With the same color thread you used in the center, cut to pieces which should be about the same length and attach on the outside of the dreamcatcher, then two which are a bit shorter, attach it closer together and then one long one which you should attach in the middle.

5. Decorate with beads and feathers. I chose to pink feathers for the outer strings and one big blue turquoise one for the middle string.

6. With the two strings left, I cut 4 branches about 3cm and attached them to create a chevron pattern. To secure them to the middle string, I used hot glue.

You now have, if you have never made one, a Dreamcatcher!


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