DIY Feather Crown

DIY Feather Crown:

What you'll need:

- Fabric or lace
- Glue gun
- Different size feathers

How to do it:


1. Cut strips of fabric or lace about 1 inch or thinner in width and about 30 inches long. Here, I have used four strips of fabric.

2. Starting at about 8-10 inches down, braid your strips together. You will want to leave those loose ends long so you can tie them together when you're done.

3. When you reach the end, wrap one of your strips around the ends and hot glue it in place. Do this to both ends.

4. Start hot gluing your feathers onto the back of your braid. Start with the shortest feathers and then add the taller ones on top.

5. Add a piece of fabric or felt to the backing of the feathers to finish it off. Hot glue it on. Now you're ready to tie it around your head.

Now you can rock it!


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