DIY Party Animals Necklace

DIY Party Animals Necklace:

What you'll need:

- Animals ( Fake of course. Just in case someone thought of using real ones)
- Beads, chain, ribbon, fabric, rhinestones, wire etc for embellishement
22″ chain and closure findings for necklace
- bails (to make the animals into pendants)
- Glue/ Glue Gun

How to do it:

We’re going to start with the elephant so you can see what I did, then I’ll show you closeups of all of them.

The Elephant:

1. Start by gluing a rhinestone spacer to the top of the elephant’s head.

2. Add a colorful bead on top of that.

3. Cut a piece of ribbon for his blanketand glue to the back of the elephant.

4. Trim the blanket with a small piece of chain. Add a strip of rhinestones between the blanket and the tail.

5. Wrap a bit of wire around each foot.

6. Glue a bail to the elephant’s back, towards the top.

7. Let everything dry thoroughly before you add your chain.
Cut a piece of chain the length you want your necklace to be (I cut mine 22″).
Feed the chain through the bail. Add the closure pieces to the ends of the chain. I used a lobster clasp on one side and a jump ring on the other.
Now you have a super cute Party Animal Necklace!!

Here are some of the others:
They are so weird and silly but irresistable.
Dont you have those days where you feel like wearing something completely random around your neck? I'm sure you do!

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