Bleach Print Leggings

Bleach print leggings:

Have a boring pair of leggings lying around somewhere? Why not try this super great and simple idea. It won't take long and i assure you the results will be hot!

What you'll need:

Dark-colored leggings (Or really any other article of clothing!)
- Bleach pen
- Cardboard (to put underneath the leggings so the bleach doesn’t bleed through)
How to do it:
1. Place the cardboard inside of the leggings, and make sure the leggings are straight! Next smooth the surface clean of wrinkles.
2. Find a design you like for inspiration, find a stencil, or just start using the bleach pen to free draw on the leggings!
Tip: The bleach may spread, so be aware and try not to make the lines too thick!
3. Let the bleach sit. The longer you let it sit the whiter the design will be so keep this in mind.
4. When you are ready take the leggings to the sink and rinse the bleach gel off in cold water. Make sure you wash it a few times to make sure all of the bleach is off.
5. Throw the leggings into the washer and dryer. You will not need soap for this step, just make sure the washer is on cold.


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