Printable Circus Tent Gift Box

Sorry, I only found the printable version in french.

What you'll need:

- printable circus tent
- double sided tape
- scissors and x-acto knife
- a match
- sweets or other stuff you could fill the box with

How to do it:

1. This printable has a small flag that you can easily edit on an editing programme like Pixlr or Photoshop to write your name or the date. I advise you to use Bristol Board/ Paper. 

2. This next step is harder. It requires a lot of cutting. Use a pair of scissors for the round edges (the roof) and the little angles and the x-acto knife for the straight lines. 

3. To form the folds, there is only one solution: mark them with the x-acto knife. Go slowly and carefully. For practice you can try it on a blank paper.

4. Now it's time to assemble everything. This is quite simple. First the roof (Glue the small tab to close), then the body of the box (same thing). The background is a bit tedious but stick to the double-sided tape, it makes it much easier.

5. All you have left is your little flag. Cut it out and fold it carefully so then the edges are face to face. Glue the match to your little flag with your double sided tape. 

6. Insert the match flag into the roof of your circus tent. Add sweets and voila!


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